Carinya North Nursery -  Daylilies, Waratahs, Cool Climate Plants.
   2018 Diary
 Carinya North Nursery will be at the Walcha Farmers' Market on Saturday  16 January, in McHattan Park

Carinya North Nursery visits Walcha on the 4th Friday of the month. Operating  next to the Craft shop in Fitzroy Street.
A wide range of perannials, shrubs, trees and speciman trees are available.
Walcha Dates for 2018      TBA  January
                                       23rd  February
                                       23rd  March
                                       27th  April
                                       25th  May
                                       22nd  June
                                       27th   July
                                       24th   August
                                       28th  September   
                                       26th  October
                                       23rd  November
                                       21st  December
Carinya North Nursery  attends the Walcha Farmers' Market on the 3rd Saturday of the month on McHatton Park. 

Market Dates 2018       20th  January
                                 17th  February
                                 17th  March
                                 21st   April
                                 19th   May
                                 15th   September
                                  20th  October
                                  17th   November
                                  15th   December

Up coming events 2018
Walcha Cup & Races

9th & 10th February

Walcha Show
9th & 10th March

Walcha Town and Country Luncheon

Walcha Mountain Bike Festival
20th & 21st October

Walcha Quota Markets

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